Ertebat Phone Card: Users' Reviews

Reviewer: Omar S who calls AWCC
Not the very best price, but the best quality. Overall Ertebat offers best value for money.

Excellent! - Awesome!
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Afghanistan, Germany, Canada
Just wanted to say that I have compared Ertebat to many other usa based calling cards and find out the best one is Ertebat.

Excellent! - good value
Reviewer: Abdul who calls Afghanistan AWCC, Roshan, MTN
For calls to AWCC rate is good. For other networks Ertebat is not very cheap, but unlike cheap calling cards Ertebat works, it's reliable. Money well spent.

Reviewer: Abdul who calls Afghanistan AWCC and Roshan
I’ve been using Ertebat calling card to call my family and was always getting 28 minutes. Now they changed phone to Roshan and my card now only gives 20 minutes. I tried many other cards, but still use Ertabt because of quality.

Reviewer: M who calls Afghanistan
I like Ertebat because the voice is very clear and it gives me the whole minutes it tells you... I love Ertebat card great card!

Reviewer: Amir who calls Afghanistan
If you can lower the rate for Afghanistan because no company is giving low rate for Afghanistan and I will always use Ertebat.

Excellent! - Best calling card for Afghanistan so far
Reviewer: Hameed who calls Afghanistan
I tried many calling cards. Used to use CiCi and SIFA for long time. It was ok, but expensive. Ertebat is not a cheap service, but connects me fast, sound is clear. Best service for Afghanistan so far.

Excellent! - better than other phone cards
Reviewer: N who calls Afghanistan
Not perfect, but better than all other phone cards.

Good! - I do like the pure sound.
Reviewer: Abdul Samad who calls Afghanistan
I like it, because give me a chance to talk with family with strong connection. But if it is possible give us a little more time to talk. I meant- Instead of 26 minutes give the customers 30 minutes. Thanks for maintain such a good service. Abdul London, Ontario

Not bad! - Good card, but rates are lower…
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls afghanistan
Calling card promises 25mins, but actual talk time it gives is 18-19 minutes